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    This two-piece carbon boom features an EVA foam grip and push-button connectivity to our Javelin wing.

  • A Wing Waist Leash $92,81

    This A Wing Waits Leash is THE alternative for wrist leashes that normally come with wings.

    This waist leash is not to be confused with a waist leash that connects with your board.

    What’s Included:
    • Waist Leash
    • Quick Release
    • Pigtail Wing Attachment
  • Board Waist & Foot Leash $64,69

    This leash comes with a waist belt AND with a foot belt. This way you can choose whether you like to have it tied around your ankle or waist.

    Why Waist:

    • Less drag (normal leashes can cause for extra drag)
    • Less irritation (switching your foot with your leash attached can be enoying)

    Why Ankle:

    • Some people do not like to have something around there waist.

    Complete Screws Set, Barrel nuts and shim so you can switch out old screws.

  • Extra Large Kit Carry Bag $74,99

    NEW Foil Kit carry bag. Can fit quite some gear! Ment for the larger HA foils HA1325FK, HA1525FK. Also has space for a hand-wing and pump!

    Dimensions: 1140*210*310mm

  • Foot strap $32,81

    Made to be as light as possible AND super comfy – with our new pressed memory foam, they come with our Titanium washers and 316L screws. Price is for 1 Footstrap.
    When fitting, it’s important that the washer is properly tightened. The memory foam needs to be fully compressed.  Our Titanium hex washer is designed with a recessed underside to press into the memory foam and clamp the straps internal webbing to the board.


  • Golf Bag $280,30

    Some airlines let you check-in golf luggage for free while surf equipment can cost huge amounts. Unfair.

    With this bag you don’t have to worry about the extra fees as it’s a golf bag right ;)

    Size 140cm x 60cm x 20cm

  • Kit Carry bag $55,31

    Foil Kit carry bag. Can fit quite some gear! Ment for HS625FK, HS850FK, HS1050FK, HS1250FK, HA525FK, HA725FK


  • Large Kit Carry bag $65,62

    Foil Kit carry bag. Can fit quite some gear! Ment for HS1550FK, HS1850FK, HA1125FK.


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