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Unveiling the Thrills of Foiling in Europe: Colin’s 3-Day Adventure with Time 2 Wing


Embark on an extraordinary 3-day foiling journey with Time 2 Wing as Colin explores the exhilarating world of foiling in Europe. From the tranquil waves of Vila Nova de Milfontes to the windswept shores of Alvor, each day presents a new chapter in this captivating experience.

Day 1: Vila Nova de Milfontes – A Serene Prelude to Foiling in Europe

Colin’s European foiling odyssey commences in Vila Nova de Milfontes, where he gracefully navigates light winds and gentle waves, setting the stage for a remarkable adventure. Equipped with the Armstrong MA1475 and the 88L FG, Colin finds the perfect balance between control and stability, an essential foundation for any foiling enthusiast exploring Europe’s waters.

Day 2: Alvor – Scaling New Heights in the Heart of Europe’s Foiling Scene

Day two brings a surge of excitement with winds reaching a spirited 20 knots in Alvor. Colin rises to the challenge, opting for the Armstrong 39L FG, combined with the formidable Speed 180 and the MA800. The result? Breathtaking jumps, captured in awe-inspiring photos and videos. Colin’s confidence soars as he harnesses the wind’s power, epitomizing the seamless fusion of rider and equipment in Europe’s foiling paradise.

Day 3: Tow Foiling – Europe’s Ultimate Thrill Ride

Colin’s foiling journey culminates in the adrenaline-pumping experience of tow foiling, an adventure he describes as the pinnacle of his water sports endeavors. Riding the Armstrong WKT137 and the MA800, Colin feels an unparalleled rush as he glides effortlessly across the water’s surface, propelled by a potent combination of skill and cutting-edge equipment. It’s an experience that transcends any other, etching itself as Colin’s most cherished memory in Europe’s foiling tapestry.

Conclusion: A Triumph of Skill and Unforgettable European Memories

Colin’s 3-day foiling escapade with Time 2 Wing in Europe is nothing short of epic. From the serene waters of Vila Nova de Milfontes to the exhilarating heights of Alvor, each day brings new challenges and triumphs. Meticulously chosen equipment, including the Armstrong MA1475, 88L FG, Speed 180, MA800, and WKT137, play a pivotal role in Colin’s success, underscoring the seamless integration of rider and gear in Europe’s foiling scene.

For an adventure of this caliber, Colin’s 3-day foil trip with Time 2 Wing in Portugal comes at an incredibly reasonable cost, totaling around €1,000 or approximately $1,100 USD or £900 GBP. This all-inclusive package covers top-of-the-line equipment rental, expert guidance, and unforgettable experiences across the south of Portugal.

As an added bonus, you have the option to receive a professionally edited video capturing the highlights of your trip, reminiscent of the awe-inspiring footage below. This video serves as a cherished memento of the incredible moments spent foiling along Portugal’s picturesque coastline.

So not only do you get to relive the thrill, but you can share your adventure with friends and family for years to come.

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