Wing Foiling in Portugal

Good weather, perfect waves, delicious food, stunning nature… Portugal has it all.

If you like to wingfoil in Portugal, you will also not be disappointed. With plenty of wind, waves & docks you’ll find a spot for all your foiling needs. 

Foiling around Lisbon

In the north you have Lagoa de Obidos. A beginner friendly lake. If you go more south you arrive at praia do Guincho. This spot is only for experts as the shore break will rip your wing apart if you’re not careful. If you then drive a bit further east you find a town called Cascais. This beautiful town has perfect foil waves. You’ll find it when driving there. As the dominant wind in Cascais is 90% offshore it’s better for prone foiling than wingfoiling.

If you cross the Tagus (Tejo in Portuguese) river you arrive in Costa da Caparica. With North and West facing beaches and Lisbon protecting it from the big waves a suitable spot to go wingfoiling.

If you drive further south you have a stunning lake called Lagoa de Albufeira. You can foil the lake or walk a bit further and wingfoil on the ocean.

If you take the ferry from Setubal to Comporta (which we suggest as its nicer then taking the highway), you also have some good options to foil. As Comporta is like an island you can foil in waves and in flat water.

Foiling around Sines

Driving another hour south you reach an industrial town called Sines. The beaches of Sao Torpes have some really good beaches to go wingfoiling. If you are beginning go to the Morgavel lake. It’s a perfect spot to learn wingfoiling. Keep in mind that you will need a good car to reach it to the lake as the road is sandy and full of holes,

Driving another 20 minutes you reach a charming fisherman town called Vila nova de Milfontes. Although it looks as an easy spot, it definitely is not. With all sandbanks and currents you gotta know when to go. Advanced wingfoilers will love this spot.

If you are around, plz say hi as our shop is based in this town.

Foiling around Algarve

Algarve is famous for it’s pristine beaches and cliffs but is also becoming more and more populair for wind seekers. The Sagres area is most wind-consistent throughout the year but with side-offshore conditions most of the time also only for the advanced foilers. 

Driving 45 minutes east you will reach the lake of Alvor. This lake is awesome for wingfoiling as the wind get’s channeled and extra strong with NW winds. Give us a call if you like to learn to wingfoil up here.

Driving another 45 minutes east you reach Faro and its islands. In this are you can find a lot of secluded beaches and perfect foiling conditions. 

Foiling in the rest of Portugal

Going north of Lisbon there are also amazing spots to be discovered. Our business is organising private foil trips in Portugal, so if you like to explore with us, send us a message or click here to book directly.

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