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Introducing North Mode Pro: Redefining High-Speed Mastery

Unleash innovation with the Mode Pro wing—N-Weave 45 tech, Matrix N-HTRS canopy. Elevate speed, redefine tricks. Adventure awaits.

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North Mode Pro 2024

Experience unmatched high-speed performance with the meticulously crafted North Mode Pro wing. Engineered for exceptional efficiency, the North Mode Pro stands as a marvel of cutting-edge technology, featuring the revolutionary N-Weave 45 cross-weave reinforced woven fiber airframe and the advanced Matrix N-HTRS canopy. These innovative materials mark a new era in wing design, granting North the expertise to forge the North Mode Pro—a wing that excels in stiffness, lightness, and durability, all while upholding its sleek form and affordability.

The N-Weave 45 material not only curbs structural deflection but also converts wind energy into an impressive surge of forward speed, explosive boosts, and extended hangtime—making it an ideal choice for unveiling freestyle tricks. The Matrix N-HTRS canopy, with its low-stretch and low-deflection attributes, adeptly manages the heightened tension from the N-Weave 45 airframe, broadening the wind range and preserving optimal shape across diverse conditions.

The North Mode Pro wing boasts a streamlined VMG-optimized design, enabling you to sail closer to the wind, achieve elevated upwind angles, and significantly minimize the need for frequent tacks or gybes. While excelling in high-speed performance, the reinforced airframe of the North Mode Pro translates to unmatched loft, facilitating higher jumps and smoother landings with increased forward momentum.

Catering adeptly to varying wind conditions, the North Mode Pro comes in sizes ranging from 3.5 to 6.8 meters. Sizes between 3.5 and 4.8 meters are well-suited for robust winds, ensuring remarkable stability at high speeds. On the other hand, the 5.5m and 6.8m variants are ingeniously optimized for generating maximum power, even when navigating lighter airs. The wing’s balanced lower aspect ratio, paired with rounded wingtips, guarantees minimal tip strikes, while the innovative panel layout guarantees unwavering wingtip stability and heightened tension under varying loads.

Experience immediate response and precise control through the Carbon GripLock rigid micro-trim control handles—strategically positioned for swift gybes. Elevate your high-speed adventures with the North Mode Pro wing, where groundbreaking technology converges with uncompromised performance, offering you the competitive edge you’ve been seeking on the water.

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3.5, 4.2, 5.5, 4.8, 6.8

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