• TC50 Fuselage A+ $455,89

    The TC50 Fuselage is great for the very advanced rider. It makes your foil a lot more responsive and agile.

    • 50 cm
    • For the advanced rider
    • Super loose and turny
  • TC60 Fuselage A+ $455,89

    The TC60 is great for winging and giving you the best of both worlds. It keeps your foil stable, while also giving it a very turny feel.

    • 60 cm
    • For intermediate to advanced wingers
    • Stable and agile
  • TC70 Fuselage A+ $455,89

    The TC70 is great for pumping, gliding and stability. It is also great for learning te ropes of winging.

    • 70 cm
    • For the beginning rider
    • Super stable
    • Great for pumping and gliding
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