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  • Spencer Pro V1 $1217,74$1405,23

    The Spencer Pro was designed to be efficient and effective in any condition for riders looking for instant performance. The single concave to flat bottom creates early planning at low speeds making it easy to get on foil. The round, full rails in the front are forgiving while the sharp, square rails at the back allow the board to release quickly from the water. Progression is inevitable when there is nothing holding you back.

  • Wing Craft V2 $1348,98$1452,11

    The Wing Craft V2 is all about getting you up to foiling speed as quickly as possible and bouncing you right back up onto foil after any jump or touchdown. The compact outline, flat bottom rocker, and hard rear rails will have you spending less time stuck to the water and more time flying above it.

  • Wing Raider XL V1 $1423,98$1498,98

    The Wing Raider XL V1 was designed to pack in every wingfoil specific feature in our design arsenal, propelling your wing game to new heights.

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