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    This two-piece carbon boom features an EVA foam grip and push-button connectivity to our Javelin wing.

  • A Wing Waist Leash $92,81

    This A Wing Waits Leash is THE alternative for wrist leashes that normally come with wings.

    This waist leash is not to be confused with a waist leash that connects with your board.

    What’s Included:
    • Waist Leash
    • Quick Release
    • Pigtail Wing Attachment
  • Board Waist & Foot Leash $64,69

    This leash comes with a waist belt AND with a foot belt. This way you can choose whether you like to have it tied around your ankle or waist.

    Why Waist:

    • Less drag (normal leashes can cause for extra drag)
    • Less irritation (switching your foot with your leash attached can be enoying)

    Why Ankle:

    • Some people do not like to have something around there waist.

    Complete Screws Set, Barrel nuts and shim so you can switch out old screws.

  • Extra Large Kit Carry Bag $74,99

    NEW Foil Kit carry bag. Can fit quite some gear! Ment for the larger HA foils HA1325FK, HA1525FK. Also has space for a hand-wing and pump!

    Dimensions: 1140*210*310mm

  • Foot strap $32,81

    Made to be as light as possible AND super comfy – with our new pressed memory foam, they come with our Titanium washers and 316L screws. Price is for 1 Footstrap.
    When fitting, it’s important that the washer is properly tightened. The memory foam needs to be fully compressed.  Our Titanium hex washer is designed with a recessed underside to press into the memory foam and clamp the straps internal webbing to the board.


  • Golf Bag $280,30

    Some airlines let you check-in golf luggage for free while surf equipment can cost huge amounts. Unfair.

    With this bag you don’t have to worry about the extra fees as it’s a golf bag right ;)

    Size 140cm x 60cm x 20cm

  • Kāohi Grip Leash – Double Coil 7mm $51,51

    The Kāohi Double Coil 7mm Grip Leash is a versatile workhorse leash for daily shredding in variable wave conditions, from small to chest high. At 7 mm, it can handle Foil boards of all sizes, and is becoming the “go-to” leash for larger boards like SUP Foil or Wing Foil Boards and Downwind Boards

  • Kaohi Waist Belt $28,07

    Kāohi Black Belt™ Waist Belt safely and comfortably enables you to attach your wing or board leash at your waist. The Black Belt is constructed of durable, soft nylon webbing, with adjustable hook and loop closures for a comfortable fit. There are no hard or rigid parts.

  • Kit Carry bag $55,31

    Foil Kit carry bag. Can fit quite some gear! Ment for HS625FK, HS850FK, HS1050FK, HS1250FK, HA525FK, HA725FK


  • Large Kit Carry bag $65,62

    Foil Kit carry bag. Can fit quite some gear! Ment for HS1550FK, HS1850FK, HA1125FK.


  • Pump – Big Air $45,93
    • Two inflating speeds: Two or One way pump tuning, which facilitates the inflation of the kite.
    • Sand hermetic increase pumps efficiency.
    • Optimized size: more air volume for less effort.
    • Ergonomic hand grips
    • Protected pressure Gauge for an accurate inflation.
    • Supplied with 4 adapters to meet different valves including inflatable SUP type.
    • Inflate and deflate options.
    • Max pressure : 2.0 bar = 13 PSI.
    • Dimensions: 50 x 28 x 11 cm.
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