• Wing FG Board $1552,24$2100,41

    Explore the Wing FG board range, crafted for advanced winging. This line offers compact, high-volume designs for superior maneuverability and ease of use. Features include a refined shape for better performance, a Forward Geometry foil track compatible with all foils, and durable double skin construction. Available in sizes from 34-135L, each board includes a high-quality bag.

  • APPLE SKIPPER WING FOIL BOARD $1460,88$1643,60

    The Skipper concept revolves around a new hull concept. The boards are thin throughout, giving a connected feel to the foil. Under the front foot, the bottom features a unique “bulge” that actually sits slightly lower than the foil box.

    This bulge displaces water upon touchdown and it makes the board “skip” back up. Ideal for foam bashes and more radical wing foiling in the surf.

  • APPLESLICE V2 WING FOIL BOARD $1323,83$1734,97

    The Slice V2 is primarily designed for both flat water and wave riding but that doesn’t mean you can’t jump and try freestyle tricks with it as it’s actually more than capable of that as well!


    Living in an area with low or volatile winds and in need of a stable board? The Jazz will definitely have your back! Especially in the higher volume sizes, the Jazz is a great light wind board.

  • PRO-FOIL SURF V2 $1022,34$1095,43

    The original Pro-Foil is a proven favourite with foilers all over the world and the sport is growing quickly. As surf foiling is developing, our design has too, and it’s now time for the V2 version of the Pro-Foil. The Pro-Foil V2 is the ultimate allround surf foil board. From paddling in steeper waves to tow-in sessions, as well as small mushy surf to wake foiling.

  • Rocket Surf $1004,07$1040,61

    The ROCKET SURF is specifically designed for surf foiling. Its compact design will guarantee that you can ride, take-off, pump or carve with maximum control. The stiff and light construction render both the board and foil extremely responsive and will allow you to catch any waves at any time.

    • Extremely responsive
    • Complete control with pumping and carving
    • Easy take-off and high-performance during flight
    • Stiff and light construction
  • Rocket Wing $912,70$1671,01

    The ROCKET WING boards are the perfect wing foil board choice. Specifically designed to meet the needs of this sport, they are durable, dependable, user-friendly, and extremely stable.

    • Intuitive and performant
    • Optimized volume distribution with a new slight concave deck
    • Beveled rails and double concave for effortless take offs and touchdown recoveries
    • Responsive and maneuverable
  • Rocket Wing Carbon $1369,51$1506,56

    The ROCKET WING CARBON have been specifically designed to handle all your wildest freestyle tricks.

    • Stiff, highly responsive, and maneuverable
    • Carbon construction adapted to the freestyle tricks constraints
    • Optimized volume distribution with new slight concave deck
    • Beveled rails and double concave for effortless take-offs and touchdown recoveries.
  • Rocket Wing S $912,70$1369,51

    Always aiming to stay ahead of the curve, the F-ONE team unveils the ROCKET WING-S, its newest, most impressive, and superior wing foil board to date. For all of you who have experienced the thrills of the sport and want to continue improving, these boards will evidently take you to the next level. Gaining speed, reactivity and maneuverability, the ROCKET WING-S will lead to unmatched sensations.

    • Deep concave deck to lower center of gravity for excellent board control
    • Domed front deck to add volume for easy water starts
    • Compact outline on tail and nose for fantastic maneuverability
  • Rocket Wing S Carbon $2054,73$2283,13

    Always aiming to stay ahead of the curve, the F-ONE team unveils the ROCKET WING-S, its newest, most impressive, and superior wing foil board to date. This CARBON version is a wing foil freestyle and surf weapon, already a world champion on the GWA circuit in surf-freestyle and surf-slalom.

    • Wing foil freestyle and surf weapon
    • Carbon construction adapted to the freestyle tricks constraints
    • Deep concave deck to lower center of gravity for excellent board control
    • Domed front deck to add volume for easy water starts
    • Outline with narrow tail and nose for fantastic maneuverability
  • Seek Air Foil Board $787,31$855,83

    Redefining the inflatable foilboard, the Seek Air delivers the feel and performance of its hybrid carbon counterpart with all the lightweight convenience, portability, and durability of an inflatable. Designed with forgiving performance rails and a sharp release tail for effortless take-offs and touchdown recovery, the Seek Air features North’s unique Carbon Sandwich Transfer (CST) base with DropBox fast foil mounting. The CST base is designed for the most direct and responsive connection to the foil.

  • LTF V1 $930,98$1004,07

    Slingshot wanted the perfect inflatable wing board for learning to wing with either fins or a foil. The LTF allows you to learn basic wing skills while cruising with twin fins and keel fin, before attaching a foil and taking it to the next level.

    Package Includes LTF V1 180 or 210 liter Board, travel bag, pump, patch kit, 9” Twin Fins, sUPWINDer keel fin, fin mounting hardware.

  • WKT $1288,20

    Strong, light and extreme fun. The all new WKT makes it possible to rip AND to learn foiling as never before.

    We have this board available to test on our foil trips to Portugal.

  • Wing Sup FG $1438,95$1643,60


  • FONE ROCKET AIR $547,26$894,43

    The ROCKET AIR range is a line of inflatable boards essentially dedicated to foiling sports: Surf foil, SUP foil, wing foil, windfoil and even kitefoil.

    Easy to store and carry
    Balanced and light for flying
    Almost indestructible with its superior and extra stiff Dropstitch material.

  • FONE ROCKET WING ASC $821,35$1095,43

    With its compact length and extra-sturdy construction, the ROCKET WING ASC is an intuitive, forgiving, and accessible board that will perform at all stages of wing foil progression.

    Accessible and stable
    Responsive and extremely durable thanks to its ASC construction
    Optimized rocker line for the most intuitive ride

  • Manticore V1 $839,62$958,39

    The Manticore V1 was designed to help wingers progress and teach their friends with its durable compression molded construction. It features mellow chined rails and a flat bottom rocker for quick release onto foil and enough width to be stable even in choppy water.

  • Spencer Pro V1 $1186,79$1369,51

    The Spencer Pro was designed to be efficient and effective in any condition for riders looking for instant performance. The single concave to flat bottom creates early planning at low speeds making it easy to get on foil. The round, full rails in the front are forgiving while the sharp, square rails at the back allow the board to release quickly from the water. Progression is inevitable when there is nothing holding you back.

  • Wing Craft V2 $1314,70$1415,20

    The Wing Craft V2 is all about getting you up to foiling speed as quickly as possible and bouncing you right back up onto foil after any jump or touchdown. The compact outline, flat bottom rocker, and hard rear rails will have you spending less time stuck to the water and more time flying above it.

  • Wing Raider XL V1 $901,74$948,34

    The Wing Raider XL V1 was designed to pack in every wingfoil specific feature in our design arsenal, propelling your wing game to new heights.

  • Prone & wingSaleLimited
    Wing Surf FG $890,78$958,39

    Armstrong’s Forward geometry foil boards are certainly one of the best you can get. A good board means the ultimate feeling when flying above the water.

    • Forward Geometry… The new A+System Mast Tracks are positioned well forward in the board to reduce rotational swing weight which radically improves handling and response.
    • High strength custom Carbon fiber A+System Mast Tracks… Plastic simply does not do the job well enough, so they designed their own 320mm Carbon Fiber mast tracks.
    • Recessed deck… This brings you closer to the mast top for direct handling and feel.


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