• XPS Lightwind $1141,11$1186,79

    A-Wing XPS Lightwind

    Elevate your foiling experience with the A-Wing XPS Lightwind, designed for riders from beginners to experts. This revolutionary lightwind wing offers exceptional performance in the slightest breeze, making every water session memorable.

    Key Features:

    • Power Batten: Patent-pending carbon fibre batten maintains optimal wing shape for efficient power generation.
    • Cross Panel Sail Design: Innovative layout reduces sail distortion, ensuring a direct and controlled feel.
    • Hybrid Carbon Handles: Ergonomic, impact-safe handles with a rigid carbon interior and soft padded exterior for comfort and control.
    • High-Quality Materials: Lightweight Dacron airframe, Teijin Technoforce D3 canopy, and ultra-clear TPU windows that handle cold temperatures without cracking.
    • Sizes: Available in 7m² (7-15kts wind range) and 8m² (4-10kts wind range).

    Includes a convenient bag, spare battens, and patch kit. Discover the new standard for lightwind fun with the A-Wing XPS Lightwind.

  • Loft Pro $1442,60$1506,56

    Introducing the North Loft Pro: Your Wind’s Best Friend

    Unleash ultimate wind-powered performance with the North Loft Pro. Elevate effortlessly in the lightest breezes and stay foiling longer. Its deep profile and ultra-stiff frame convert even the faintest gusts into powerful momentum. Engineered with precision, featuring carbon handles and a cutting-edge N-Weave45 airframe for speed and responsiveness. The Loft Pro’s compact design ensures agile control, making transitions and maneuvers a breeze. Embrace wind’s full potential with the North Loft Pro.

  • Nova Light Wind $855,83$958,61

    This powerful lightwind-optimised wing is built to unlock borderline sessions, lift you up instantly in the lightest wind and keep you on the foil for longer. Built to carry you through the lulls, the Nova Light Wind has a refined, weight saving design with deep profile and stiff frame for the most efficient power delivery per square metre. It has a compact outline with rounded wingtips for reduced tip-strike, rigid GripLock micro-trim handles and balanced load distribution and lift for easier gybes, tacks and low-speed transitions.

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