Molded foil boards are also called Pop-Outs. The name Pop Out implies how they are made. Pop outs are not shaped but they pop-out of a mold that duplicates hundreds or thousands of foil boards. Molded foil boards construction process is the following: a female mold of a foil fboard in two halves, top and bottom, is fiber glassed. The two halves are then brought together and liquid polyurethane foam is allowed to expand to fill the void in the center. The join line is later cleaned up and finished with a strip of special tape.

Molded foil boards are durable and hard to damage, the are shaped for the beginner foilers, so you can pick up foiling easily. They are the foil boards that take you from a complete novice to basic level of foiling. The downside of the durability is weight – they are heavier than a custom board.

  • FONE ROCKET WING ASC $983,85$1073,38

    With its compact length and extra-sturdy construction, the ROCKET WING ASC is an intuitive, forgiving, and accessible board that will perform at all stages of wing foil progression.

    Accessible and stable
    Responsive and extremely durable thanks to its ASC construction
    Optimized rocker line for the most intuitive ride

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