• Defender HF Impact Vest $131,96

    Elevate your hydrofoil game with the Ride Engine HF Defender Vest. Crafted for all foiling styles – wing, kite, windsurf, wake and tow – this vest is your gladiator armor against potential impacts. Its smart padding design ensures seamless movement while shielding you from board or foil strikes. The internal impact-shell technology adds an extra layer of protection, keeping you safe from the unexpected. Conquer the waves confidently with the Ride Engine HF Defender Vest – your ultimate foiling companion.

  • Link Adjustable Foot Strap $25,69

    Discover the Link Foot Strap – where practicality meets style. Seamlessly shift from comfort to connection with its neoprene & Lycra build and adjustable hook-and-loop D-ring. Your perfect fit, your way. Embrace the fusion of function and design.

  • ↓ 4%Limited
    Quick Release Bungee Waist Leash $61,11

    Elevate your wing foiling experience with the Ride Engine Quick Release Bungee Waist Leash. Swap out traditional cords for this durable, low-hanging bungee leash. Easily adjustable padded waist belt, secure quick release, and stainless swivels for a seamless ride. Discover freedom and control in one leash.

  • RE 1.5L Micro Pump $61,11

    Introducing the 1.5-liter Micro Pump: Your ultimate travel companion for kite, wing, and SUP inflation. Navigate airline weight limits with ease, without sacrificing efficiency. Convertible, compact, and equipped with essential accessories. Elevate your journey to epic destinations hassle-free.

  • Universe Helmet V2 $69,97

    Elevate your foiling experience with Ride Engine’s cutting-edge Universe Hard-Shell Helmet. Purpose-built for performance watersports, this CE-approved helmet ensures safety without sacrificing comfort. The revolutionary Perfect Fit system guarantees a secure, personalized fit, while the rapid-draining ABS shell and waterproof EVA liner keep you riding confidently, even after those exhilarating dives. Ride the waves with unparalleled protection and style – the Universe Helmet by Ride Engine has you covered so you can conquer the skies and waterways with absolute confidence.

  • Vinaka Pro Wing Harness $158,53

    Unleash the future of wing foiling with the Vinaka Pro Harness. Its thermo-molded design ensures optimal support and fatigue-free riding. Stay light and dry thanks to the water-repelling inset support band. Effortlessly switch sides with the sliding harness hook. Elevate your wing foiling to unprecedented levels of comfort and performance with the Vinaka Pro Harness.

  • Kāohi Grip Leash – Double Coil 8mm $48,66

    The Kāohi Double Coil 8mm Grip Leash is a versatile workhorse leash for daily shredding in variable wave conditions, from small to chest high. At 8 mm, it can handle Foil boards of all sizes, and is becoming the “go-to” leash for larger boards like SUP Foil or Wing Foil Boards and Downwind Boards

  • Kaohi Waist Belt $26,52

    Kāohi Black Belt™ Waist Belt safely and comfortably enables you to attach your wing or board leash at your waist. The Black Belt is constructed of durable, soft nylon webbing, with adjustable hook and loop closures for a comfortable fit. There are no hard or rigid parts.

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