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  • HA925 Front Wing A+ $780,64

    The HA925 front wing is great for the experienced wingers. It is a true high aspect foil which focusses on speed, glide and performance.

    • Incredible pump
    • Incredible glide
    • Amazing turn radius
    • Great speed
  • Performance Mast $1551,24$1697,33

    As the sport develops, riders push themselves and the equipment to the limits. After listening to feedback, Armie Armstrong wanted to develop a new, innovative, ultra high-performance mast that minimizes drag and ventilation while also being stiffer and even more responsive.

    Comes with mast cover & M7 screws.

  • V2 Mast 85cm – 33-5 inch $872,86

    85cm /33.5″ The ‘do everything mast’ : Intermediate/Advanced. SUP, Downwind, Kite, Wake, and Tow in Surfing.

  • HS1550V2 Front Wing A+ $781,55

    The HS1550 v2 front wing suits Wingfoiling that can handle light and strong winds. It is a great combination for all round accessible performance

    • Very stable
    • Smooth glide
    • Small take-off kick
    • User friendly
  • CF1200V2 $643,69

    Whether you’re just discovering foiling or already proficient, the CF1200 embodies the broad range of use that makes CF V2 so appealing.

  • CF1600V2 $735,90

    The CF1600 delivers balance, predictability and stability, translating to easy progress across a wide range of foil sports.

  • CF2050V2 $827,21

    With the greatest stability and most accessible flight speed in our CF V2 range, the 2050 is the larger riders’ gateway to foiling.

  • CF950V2 $574,30

    The CF950 delivers stellar manoeuvrability, making it ideal for carving turns, surfing waves or pushing the boundaries of wake and kite foiling.

  • HA1125 Front Wing A+ $827,21

    The HA1125 front wing takes performance, glide and speed to the next level. It is a great high aspect foil that has set a new standard.

    • High performance
    • Great durability
    • Fantastic glide
    • Fantastic speed
  • HA1325 $873,77

    The HA1325 is truly amazing, the turn radius and pitch stability are sublime! Sleek inflected tips help prevent ventilation even if the tip breaches. Next level pump and glide if you want to double dip or link up micro swells, this Foil just keeps on going!

  • HA1525 $919,42


  • HA525 $689,34

    The 525 redefines speed and flow within the High Aspect range. It’s tailored to perfection for tow-in days, high wind winging, and all around kiting. Experienced lightweight riders can tap into the 525’s remarkable prone surfing performance.

  • HA725 $735,90

    The HA725 is truly amazing, the turn radius and pitch stability are sublime! Sleek inflected tips help prevent ventilation even if the tip breaches. Scorching top end and effortless rail to rail, the HA725 pushes Your progression to the limit!

  • HS1050 Front Wing A+ $651,91

    The High Speed 1050 wing is great for the progressive rider. It is a great wing to improve your skills to the next level. Making it perfecct for shredding waves and carving turns.

    • Great performance
    • High speed
    • Great glide
    • Very stable
  • HS1250 Front Wing A+ $744,12

    The HS1250 front wing is great for all kinds of disciplines. You can surf it, wing it, pump it and kite it. It’s a great mid aspect foil with performance at its heart.

    • Great turns
    • Very stable
    • Great for the intermediate rider
    • Tons of fly
  • HS1850 Front Wing A+ $827,21

    The HS1850 front wing is perfectly suited for wingfoiling with an amazing range. Taking experienced riders from sub 10 knot riding, all the way to 18 knots!

    • Great for pumping
    • Easy to take-off
    • Incredible respons
    • Fantastic glide
  • HS625 Frong Wing A+ $551,47

    The High Speed 625 is great for the advanced to expert riders. It has winglet tips, giving it an ultra smooth and fast experience. For either high winds or big waves.

    • Very high speed
    • Great stability
    • Big waves
  • HS850 Front Wing A+ $597,12

    This is an amazing wing for kiting, surf and wing foiling. As its developer Bevan Gooch says about this, the only limitation of this wing is how far the rider pushes it.

    • Very versatile
    • Amazing speed
    • Sublime range
    • Easy to pump
  • Mike Murphy Carbon Pro 900 $413,60

    Designed in close collaboration with Mike, the Mike Murphy Carbon Pro 900 is a dedicated low-lift wake foil specifically intended for roped wake ridin

  • V2 A-Wing $766,03$957,77

    This redefined Wing is one you’d love to have.

    • Powerfull
    • Solid
    • Balanced

    It comes with a free Power Link bar!

  • Extra Large Kit Carry Bag $73,04

    Foil Kit carry bag. Can fit quite some gear!

  • HA195 $227,35

    This new design is cutting edge in terms of aspect ratio, thickness and anhedral. Combined with our HA Foils, the result is a smoother faster flowing ride with more speed, glide and precise handling!

  • Kit Carry bag $53,87

    Foil Kit carry bag. Can fit quite some gear!

  • Large Kit Carry bag $63,91

    Foil Kit carry bag. Can fit quite some gear!

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